Here at SAMS Group, we specialise in vehicle recycling and scrap cars and have a fully certified center for recycling old vehicles.

Vehicle Recycling Process

After carrying out ID checks, we can take your vehicle from you, take care of the paperwork and de-register the vehicle with the relevant authorities or we can arrange collection, of all makes and models of unwanted vehicles and de-pollute them in our new purpose built centre, before recycling.

End of Life Vehicle Act

The End of Life Vehicle Act 2003 states that any vehicle reaching the end of its useful life must be taken to an approved treatment facility to be de-polluted before recycling.

Our site is licensed by the Environment Agency and we are linked to the DVLA, allowing us to issue certificates of destruction.

We remove all the operating fluids, and remove batteries, wheels tyres and hazardous parts. All plastic, glass, steel and aluminium are recycled to make new products.


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